Truck Accidents: Claims And Litigation

The Memphis area has always been a major transportation hub, with heavy traffic such as FedEx and other trucks sharing the roads with passenger cars, buses and other vehicles. With the construction of Interstate 269 and I-22 underway, more and more trucks are likely to pass through the area. Before long, 18-wheeler crashes may be more frequent than they are now.

Your Truck Accident Is The Critical Concern Right Now

The future of trucking traffic in this area is not likely the main thing on your mind after a truck wreck affecting you and your family. Your own future is of vital importance at this time — and rightly so.

How will you pay for medical care, therapy and accommodations such as durable medical equipment at home? How will you replace lost wages? What about compensation for the worst losses of all: loss of companionship and loss of enjoyment of life? If you were injured or lost a loved one in a fatal truck accident, your main concern is how to cope with costs and losses such as these.

At Neyman Law Firm, PLLC, in Hernando, Mississippi, you will find a dedicated advocate for the injured. Attorney Jody Neyman is prepared to work closely with you in pursuit of a favorable outcome that will help you and your family move forward after an 18-wheeler accident.

An Experienced Lawyer Working On Behalf Of Clients Who Have Suffered Serious Injury

A proven-effective personal injury law firm dedicated to helping you recover compensation after a car, motorcycle or truck accident is a valuable resource. You will work closely with your truck accident lawyer in pursuit of just compensation. Learn how Jody Neyman can fill the need. Initial consultations are free and if Mr. Neyman represents you, he will do so on a contingency basis: Attorney's fees will come due when you receive your compensation, not before. Call 662-298-1973 or send an email inquiry to start the dialogue at your earliest convenience.