When Divorce Is The Answer

Marital strife is never the plan when a couple decides to marry. Unfortunately, disagreements and life circumstances sometimes point to a separation and divorce as a way out of problems in a marriage. At Neyman Law Firm, PLLC, in Hernando, Mississippi, clients facing divorce will not find judgment, but rather compassion and well-informed representation with a long view.

Work With An Attorney Who Will Help You Take The Long View

Attorney Joseph D. Neyman Jr. will do his best to help you make decisions that will serve your long-term best interests, including:

  • Asset protection through equitable division of property and determination of spousal support, if applicable
  • Preservation of parental rights and children's well-being through determination of child custody, visitation and child support

No doubt about it: Divorce is stressful for almost all who go through it. Whether your marriage was short or long and whether it was you or your spouse who reached this decision, it is nonetheless a critical life event. An experienced, compassionate lawyer's advice is vital.

The outcome of your divorce can have a great impact on your long-term financial health. If you and your spouse share children, your relationship with them will also be affected. Your divorce decree will include a court order for child custody and visitation and child support.

Beware Of Do-It-Yourself Divorce Schemes!

Even if you and your spouse believe you agree on how assets should be divided and when children should be with each parent, you need experienced legal counsel before entering into any legally binding agreements. If you attempt to complete the divorce yourself or with a less-than-attentive attorney, you may sign away your right to health insurance or your proper share of retirement funds, to name a couple of examples of mistakes people going through divorce sometimes make.

What If Your Divorce Is Contested?

On the other hand, if you and your wife or husband disagree on key issues such as how to divide ownership of vehicles, real estate, stocks or collectibles, legal advice is essential. In this case, the primary concern will be how to avoid overspending on legal fees while still arriving at a fair settlement.

A Family Law Practice Also Serving Individuals And Families In Other Common Legal Matters

From law offices in Hernando, Joseph D. Neyman Jr. has helped many clients in both Mississippi and Tennessee accomplish cost-effective, favorable outcomes in divorce and child custody cases. The same clients often turn to him again when they need estate planning, representation in injury cases or DUI defense.

Meet With Us To Learn Your Options

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